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This website is intended for use by HIV+ men who practice unsafe, or bareback, sex with other HIV+ partners. The phrase "bareback sex" was coined in the late nineties in the USA, and refers to the conscious decision not to use any form of contraception during anal sex, despite being aware of the possibility of infection by HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases. The trend has grown in popularity over recent years, seemingly in the light of developments in HIV anti-retroviral drug therapy, as well as other social factors.

Therefore, HIV+ men knowngly run the risk of being infected by syphillis, hepatitis C, and other STDs.

Others put themselves at risk by getting a chance to get infected by HIV virus and every other STDs rising. Get informed on POZ.COM

This website provides the tools of information, health-related issues and updates in therapy and research, as well as an open forum in which to share opinions, chat, meet and exchange experiences in this unique time in our sexual history.

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